Meet the Team

At our periodontal practice, we recognize that all of our patients are unique, and deserve to receive periodontal care that reflects their individual needs. Our team is committed to working with you and your family to create a positive, comfortable, and customized periodontal experience every time you visit our practice.        

When you call or enter the office your will first meet my receptionists, Dianne, Joan and Tara.  They will make every effort to make sure you are appropriately scheduled and prepared for you future appointments.

Beth is the treatment coordinator and she will make sure you are prepared for your insurance coverage and your financial responsibilty. 

My dental hygienists are Vicky, Marie-Paul, Adrienne and Jennifer.  They will provide excellent patient education and cleaning of your teeth.

The dental assistants, Cindy, Tina and Amit, will make sure you are very comfortable and safe duing your treatment with Dt. Tetzner.  They will educate you on your post-treatment instructions and needed follow-up care. 

The office manager is Sue.  She does a great job making the office run smoothly and she will answer any of your concerns.  Sue is fully capable of performing all of the front office duties.